JUJUME Organic California Grown Jujube Superfood | Individually Sorted 3X for QA | USDA Certified High Grade Jujubes | Healthy Dried Fruit | All-Natural Non-GMO Red Dates | 6 oz. bag



✅ PACKED IN USA ≠ GROWN IN USA -- Our certified USDA organic jujubes are grown at our California organic jujube farm. EVERY jujube is manually sorted 3X for quality assurance. ZERO added sugar, additives, coatings or preservatives. Be CAUTIOUS of brands that source or repack jujubes from regions notorious for poor food safety. ✅ FIGHT PREMATURE AGING BY SNACKING -- Published scientific research reports the jujube's antioxidants and organic compounds provide anti-aging benefits, boost collagen/elastin production, protect skin cells from oxidative stress (i.e. wrinkles), counter thinning hair, blemishes, & acne. Highly nutritious, approximately 3 of our whole dried jujubes provide 100% recommended daily intake of Vitamin C - an essential antioxidant. ✅ NUTRITION DISGUISED AS A TREAT -- Our jujubes have a satisfying chewiness with just the right amount of sweetness. They're also highly nutritious! The jujube's potent vitamins, minerals, sugars and bioactive compounds are concentrated during the drying process providing a snack that can satisfy a sweet tooth while providing valuable nutrition that counters inflammation and oxidative stress (e.g. premature aging). ✅ THE BEST IN NATURE MEETS THE BEST IN NURTURE -- "Li" jujubes are widely considered in the holistic health community and across jujube enthusiast forums as one of the best jujube cultivar due to the higher antioxidant and nutritional content, larger size, natural sweetness and attractive appearance. Combine that with USDA organic quality standards and you get jujubes that are of the highest quality in the world. ✅ A POTENT FRUIT FOR GENERAL WELLNESS -- Published research easily found online shows that jujubes are a safe yet powerful nutraceutical. Jujubes provide an extraordinary range of wellness benefits in addition to anti-aging. For example: purifies blood, strengthens immune system, improves circulation, alleviates anxiety, fights insomnia, lowers blood sugar, and much more.


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